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Welcome to Divine Unity!

We strive for excellence, not only in raids, instances, and questing, but also in our  willingness to help others achieve their goals here in Azeroth.We are a group of friends that enjoys casual raiding, and we hope to raid at least once a week.  We don't have any requirements, other than making sure you help others outside of guild raids, and being as prepared as possible for guild raids.

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Blood Queen AND Professor Putricide Down This Week!

Zalikarra, Sep 3, 10 5:26 PM.
Awesome job this past to those of you who went to ICC.  Our first night we moved through the first wing and plague wing quickly and efficiently, and we down Professor Putricide.  Night 2 we completed blood wing and got a few tries on Sindragosa!
Raid lockout will be extended so we can spend a few hours working on the Sindragosa fight.  If you plan to sign up, make sure you look up the fight on, and come prepared with flasks, food, etc.  
See you next week in ICC!


unstablejester777, Aug 13, 10 1:55 AM.
Great work on Blood Queen tonight guys, Old world raid tomorrow if anyone is interested.

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